Linkify Text

This plugin allows you to define words or phrases that, whenever they appear in your posts or pages, get automatically linked to the URLs of your choosing. For instance, wherever you may mention the word “WordPress”, that can get automatically linked as “WordPress“.

Additional features of the plugin controlled via settings and filters:

  • Text linkification can be enabled for comments (it isn’t by default)
  • Text linkification can be made case sensitive (it isn’t by default)
  • Text linkification can be limited to doing only one linkification per term, per post (by default, all occurrences of a term are linkified)
  • Text linkification links can be set to open in a new window (it isn’t by default)

You can also link multiple terms to the same link and only define that link once in the settings via use of a special link syntax.

A number of filters exist to programmatically customize the behavior of the plugin, all of which are documented.

Linkify Text

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